Watch the swarm of colored lights dance across the screen, or touch and control them with your finger. You'll be so mesmerized by their beauty and flowing movement, that you'll be left wondering where the day went. When you discover the live mic feature, you'll watch for hours as the lights pulse and move to the sound of your voice, music, or whatever your microphone picks up.

Touch the screen with three fingers to bring up the menu at any time. From here you can control the size, shape, color and number of Spawn particles. Select a mode and prepare to be hypnotized. By pinching and spreading your fingers on the screen you can change the way the swarm looks and acts, creating your own original designs. Double tap and watch the lights explode into an amazing fireworks display!

Be sure to snap a picture with the snapshot feature, because Spawn Illuminati now comes with the wildly popular Symmetry app, at no extra charge! With Symmetry, you'll easily turn your design into a true masterpiece. Send us your pics and you just might find them on our website, or post them yourself on our Flickr feed

With Spawn Illuminati on your iPhone or iPod touch, you won't even remember what boredom feels like. You'll be pulling this app out whenever you're standing in line at the bank or supermarket, when you're on your lunch break or just plain feel like having a little fun. Spawn Illuminati is your newest guilty pleasure, but use it wisely… there's a fine line between guilty pleasure and obsession!

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