Flurry and MonoTouch

When developing for MonoTouch you have probably often encountered issues when binding existing 3rd party libraries such as analytics sdk’s or ad-networks. The problem is that due to a bug in the apple linker any library bound with btouch must not be compiled for thumb. Many libraries are compiled for thumb and thus of no use for monotouch developers.

This was the case for the Flurry sdk as well (more on that here) but thankfully Anthony Watkins from Flurry made a libFlurry.a available to us that is compiled with no-thumb. He also gave us permission to share the library with other developers. You can download it here FlurryMonoTouch including the binding file FlurryMonoTouch.cs (created by Dimitris Tavlikos) to create your own FlurryMonoTouch.dll with /Developer/MonoTouch/usr/bin/btouch FlurryMonoTouch.cs.

Happy Coding!

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